Our versatile maintenance and repair services are based on customer friendly service and competitive part prices. We only use original or equivalent to original parts in our repairs and offer a 6 month or 15 000 km warranty to all our repairs, unless otherwise stated in the work order. We follow all terms set by AUNE and consumer protection services in Finland, offering you as trustworthy, safe and economic driving experience as possible. You can trust us in almost every car, van or recreational vehicle maintenance and problem situations. We also offer versatile tire services and annual inspection services for our customers. If you need a transport while we work on your vehicle, we can offer our customers a clean and elegant Toyota Yaris as a replacement car.
Honest and customer based vehicle maintenance and repair services in Hervanta since 1999.

Original Vianor

We operate as official Vianor Partner tire shop. We offer you versatile tire services with professional workmanship, a variety of quality tires, spectacular rims and if needed, a seasonal storage service in the same place. In addition to Nokia tires, we offer a multitude of leading tire manufacturers like Bridgestone. We keep the most common tire sizes and the most selling models in storage to ensure a fast delivery and service.

Replacement car

We offer you a clean replacement car or van with modest price of 39€ per day which includes 100 km of driving. In need we can also rent cars for longer periods of time, ask for an offer in our customer service.

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